How to deal with tech jargon?

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Don’t waste time remembering terms, they will all be outdated by the time you actually get to use them

If it feels complicated, it probably is, and will break down the first chance it gets

Most of the terms that consumers come across are used to sell a product. Don’t be             intimidated or fooled by any term

Replace any term that you don’t understand with the word “magic” and continue

Stare down at the terms, and make them blink first

Those using the terms probably don’t know exactly what they are talking about either (e.g  Planets)

How noobs cope up(or rather give up) with the ever increasing complexity and number of tech jargon.

This post has been taken from Digit’s March 2010’s issue’s article on page 120 named “How to deal with tech jargon?” though the image (copied) was my idea(I am so intelligent!!)

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5 thoughts on “How to deal with tech jargon?

  1. Stop ripping off articles from digit. I don't care if you give the name or anything,just stop ripping the articles. Because,that way,new bloggers get the wrong impression that they can just rip off anything from Chip,Digit or PCWorld,and start a blog.

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