A nice slide kind of buttom to change blogs in FeedMe Tech. Images are pretty nice too.

With over 150,000 third-party applications on the App store differentiating between hoax apps and finding what you need becomes a little difficult. Though Apple has taken every measure possible to maintain quality throughout App Store like banning an unofficial Facebook app, banning words like boobs, babes and apps that showed skin, banning Khalid Shaikh and his team of spammers developers . Not to mention the controversial ban on the word Android and what not.

Even after this, finding good apps on the App store is pretty difficult. Not that you don’t get search results but the problem is that you get mind bogglingly large number off search results! And if you happen to lay your lucky hands on to an awesome app, making a post on it is inevitable.

FeedMe Tech

Keeping ourselves updated with the current news is what we do, at least try to. But it’s as difficult as easy it is to say. Sometimes it feels like a burden, but once you get in the beat, there is nothing more enjoyable and entertaining.

General news is where I am a noob. I don’t know who’s the Banki Moon (didn’t know till last month). Have no idea who was the first woman justice of the Supreme Court (I do know now) et all. I did try to read the newspaper from page one to the last page for a week but eventually gave up. Now I just keep my eyes for the Business Column only mainly to keep updated of some recent acquisitions by different companies and some tech news. But then, it’s a newspaper not some tech magazine. So to keep myself updated to tech I tried finding services which would give me news wherever I want.

A nice slide kind of buttom to change blogs in FeedMe Tech. Images are pretty nice too.
A nice slide kind of button to change blogs in FeedMe Tech. Images are pretty nice too.

First were of course tech blogs like Mashable, Techcrunch, LifeHacker (not entirely tech), the list can go on…I tried searching for an App on the App Store which would give me tech news. Of course apps by the big boys were their like Mashable App (They just updated their app and it’s awesome!), Lifehacker App and what not. Downloading these meant getting different apps for different blogs which is not exactly feasible in my eyes. I tried finding an app which would just give me all the posts by the big boys at one place.

My hunger for news could only and only be satisfied if I was fed Tech. So I found FeedMe Tech. The name says it all. What is different about this app? Well, it’s a big huge app at 115MB. I was a bit skeptical about downloading this one. But then I thought it’s a huge app! It must have something worthwhile in it (bigger size=better, doesn’t work every time).

And I couldn’t have been more right.  Just to mention, it’s free. Developed by 8interactive it gives all the feeds of the blogs that you have chosen out of their list (no customs blogs, sorry). It also shows images pretty nicely.

You get feeds of the following Blogs :











You can according to your wish, skip the feeds of some of the blogs or even choose one (what’s the point in getting this app then?). Nice isn’t it? More importantly,this app has a feature which no other app does. Text to Voice Conversion.

Just hook up your of headphones to your iPod touch/ iPhone/ iPad or connect any of the previously mentioned devices to your car’s audio system (only if it does support it, don’t try to force it or the results will be pretty nasty. Thought you can try it with the iPad first, I don’t care if it develops a crack and hits his first menstruation in the process).. Now you can just listen to all feeds! It’ll read it for you! While driving, while walking or while taking a crap.

All the tech news, delivered to your toilet doorstep for free. All you need is a 3G connection {iPhone and iPad) or Wi-Fi (iPad (even Wi-Fi doesn’t work properly on this thing), iPhone and iPod touch}. Just remember to increase the volume a little when you use the flush.

To sum up the post have a look at this video made exclusively by 8interactive

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4 thoughts on “FeedMe Tech

  1. I use an S60 app for my phone for the same purpose,the difference being that it doesn't have the text to voice function.
    The drawback is that the person who's using it has to manually subscribe to the RSS feeds.

  2. I use a similar Java app on my phone. It has inbuilt interface for all these sites, and any RSS feed can be entered. And yeah, Google Reader imports too.
    But i think this text to voice thing is nifty, unless it sounds like a robotic drone?

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