Fortune favors the brave

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I had to almost type out my last post (this post) twice. I typed out the whole post, getting links and copy pasting them (duh), the cursor hanged thrice in the while. I put the PC on stand by, pressed a key, back to the desktop, cursor back to life and it worked fine. But the fourth time, the cursor refused to budge, no matter what I did. I could not shut down the PC since I had not saved that post manually and neither had WordPress saved it for me. So, I hibernated the windows, booted it up again to see or rather to not see the cursor moving. The only option I was left with was to shut it down but the problem was that the post would then go down the drain. I said “@#^*%#*^!~^%$#!~” and pressed almost kicked the restart button.

The windows booted up nicely. I logged in. Opened Firefox to see all the tabs safe except the  the post’s tab which had no written material except the heading. :/  I’m not one of those Bloggers who plan posts. Make a draft, reformat it again and again. I just keep pressing random keys on the key board and what the end result is an awesome post ;). Writing the post again is something that I would have never done, because I just can’t. I took a decision to not write that post again and even invented some new abuses to give to my PC and to MTNL (the net was not working, line problem. Otherwise I would have saved that post).

But you did read my last post. That’s because as they say fortune favors the brave. And oh! Boy! It did for me! In one of those tabs which Firefox had saved before the sudden restart was a tab named A bad day indeed. It was the tab which I had opened to ‘Preview the post’. 🙂 😀 😀 😀 😀 . I had the whole post in front of me! That was a relief!Copy pasted the whole onto the editor. But there was a problem, I had incorporated some heavy changes in the post after opening that preview post tab (before restarting my PC) which were of course not reflected. when I copy paste the whole post. Had to do those changes again but at least I didn’t have to give up the idea of that post!

Lesson learnt: From now on all posts will be written in WORD 2010. Offline is better. At least it’ll save me a copy if there’s a Power cut!

PS: Thank you Firefox 😀

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