Internet Explorer is better because firefox cannot do this (via

I’m fed up. Fed of constantly compromising every time and doing nothing because I was lazy through all these months. Around 6 months to be exact.

I don’t exactly know when this problem started but Oh! Boy I hate the day when it did! The problem: In a simple, non-exhaustive sentence: the cursor (mouse) of my computer stops working at random times.

Yes, that’s the problem. I’m suppose opening to give free invites. I type out the name of the site in the address bar, hit enter, the page loads and I move my mouse but it doesn’t move, no not the mouse- the cursor doesn’t move. You can change the area on where the optical rays come in contact with the surface ranging from wood to cotton to metal (I don’t have a mouse pad), but it just doesn’t move from that place- no matter what you do. I did contrive a way to make the mouse work again without restarting the machine, which was hibernating Windows. But even that takes a lot of time as computer takes almost every step it takes while shutting it down and then booting up except the Windows load screen.

You have to see the BIOS, wait for GRUB (to those blissfully unaware, GRUB stands for GRand Unified Bootloader, a bootloader package from the GNU project and is basically used when you have DOS, Windows, Linux, BSD or Solaris installed simultaneously on the same system). And plus you have to through the User log-in process. So, then I switched to put the system on Stand By. Most of the time it worked. If not in one try, surely the second and the need for fourth never arose, until today.

The problem usually arises when I’m low on memory (No, you don’t need to crack the PJ, dude-how-can-you-fall-short-of-memory-it’s your computer!). My graphics card died last month(or in coma, I’m not sure), taking with it 64 MB of system RAM. Since now from 512MB I’m down to 448MB(64MB donated to graphics) not to mention the slight increased load on the processor. Running Firefox with only 448 MB RAM is not advisable unless you are a die hard Firefox fan.

Internet Explorer is better because firefox cannot do this (via
Internet Explorer is better because firefox cannot do this (via

Whenever I have lots of windows open in Firefox, a couple of folders in the background and a nifty app like (even Sandman would work as an example) the cursor hangs. I am not able to figure out the problem. Maybe the ‘priority’ given to the cursor has been changed by a virus or something in the registry or wherever it is stored therefore the system first tries to give  priority to important processes forgetting the cursor. It could be anything. But no, that’s not possible because the same thing happens when I’m using Karmac Koala.

The problem basically is that the cursor smoothly slides to one end of the screen and stays there no matter how much you shout, bang that mouse or make up new abuses to give to the cursor. But shouting and hitting are supposed to make a machine work. Sometimes it does start working again as if nothing had happened.  Anyway, today all limits were crossed, the skies fired comets, the tigress whelped in the street and dead rose from their graves because the cursor refused to move, even after I rebooted the whole system! Twice!

Some things I’d like to clarify:

1. My mouse is fine. I have tried changing the mouse and the problem still lies there

2. I’m desperate! Subscribe  to my RSS feeds now!

If something this sort has happened with you too (no, not the tigress nor the dead and definitely not the comets) and you were able to fix it Please help me too.

But this post is not only about the problem mentioned above. It’s also about Cockroaches. Since the past few months, my mom had been complaining about Cockroaches in the Kitchen. Obviously my dad and I never paid heed to it. But I’m thinking of taking my mom’s side on the problem because the Cockroaches have now successfully entered my room. It feels creepy when that ugly creature walks down your neck (It did, last night :/. EEwwww..!!!! I’m going to get something done. I hope I would never have to call them Cock-reaches, because if I have to, then I’m screwed 😉

PS: With my cursor defying orders every 10 minutes and my internet continuously getting disconnected the very instance my cursor springs back to life, writing this post was PITA.

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  1. "I am not able to figure out the problem."

    My first guess would be paging. Basically, if you're low on physical memory then the pagefile (aka swapfile) is used to simulate more memory. Whenever memory has to be swapped between physical memory and disk, this is called "page fault", and nothing else on the system can run until it completes. The idea is that a performance hit is preferable to crashing and shutdown. This is completely normal and by design for any OS, although you can of course take the stance that applications should be better about memory usage in general. The easiest solution? Buy more RAM! (easier said than done of course) 512MB is quite anemic these days.

    -Rick Brewster (author of Paint.NET — your post showed up in my Google Reader because it mentioned Paint.NET)

    1. That did come to my mind but I ignored it since buying RAM is nearly impossible when you have totally non-geeky (noob sounds insulting) parents. But thanks! You confirmed my doubt! Now I know where the problem lies. Hope I'll be able to buy some RAM.

      PS: Paint.NET, is awesome! Thank you!

  2. For the mouse fix- Computer tod ke phaik de phir mouse nikaal usmein aag laga paani daal poora melt hone se pehle phir hatode se tod…..2 bank loot naye pc khareed unhe bhi tod ke phaik de

    hope it helps 😀

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