Why There Isn’t A Perfect Gadget.

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We all are noobs. You might know the full architecture of your mobile. You might be aware of all the supposedly ‘latest’ technology. But when it comes to buying products, the consumers are being duped. We have paid for stuff that is outdated. But why are paying for stuff which is outdated? For the sole reason, we have no option. Companies spread rumors, rumors turn into news, news turns into hype, hype turns into hope of getting the device with the latest technology and we fall for buying it.

What we get is outdated, not latest by any means. Companies have products or I shall say technology which is cheaper and better than we an even think but we are still delivered sub par technology. Companies have technologies in their R&D labs which we have no idea about so there’s no point in talking about that. There’s a whole strategy according to which companies produce and sell their products. Let’s consider this example: APPLE has released more 35 kinds of iPod‘s. These include different kinds of iPod’s and different generations of different iPod’s. I know they have been releases over a span of 9 years but still. This averages out to be about 4 different kinds of iPod’s being released every year since 2001!

But it doesn’t matter, does it? Yes, it does and to a great extend at that. These are all marketing strategies. Technology is of course evolving and at rate which we cannot even imagine. But is it being delivered to us on time? About 130 million iPod’s have been sold.  And about 90 million people have bought those. According to this about 40 million people or less have more than one iPod. This is exactly the reason and the motive behind releasing different variants every year (or in the case of iPod, every 4 months). I’m just taking the iPod as an example; it has no doubt revolutionized the music industry like nothing else and even made people buy multiples of it.

A company suppose releases a product X without a camera and Bluetooth. People all over the world debate on this, bring out the negative aspects but still go out and buy them. The company let us assume sells 5 million devices. Then after 7-8 months the same company suppose releases X 2G, this time with a camera and Bluetooth and even adds a new brighter screen. So half of the existing users (2.5 million) rejoice, be happy, say thanks to the company and go out again and buy the device. In the span of these 8-9 months people see suppose Wi-Fi getting popular and want that in their device too. So the company yet again releases X 3G, this time with Wi-Fi support and a little nifty feature suppose Skype. So half of the users who didn’t buy the 2G version go out and buy the 3G version to replace their 1G version. Considering this even some fanboys who had 2G buy the 3G as well. Ok, I know that was exhausting, take a breath drink a glass of water and continue reading. This resulted in increased sales.

Let’s go back a little. The company of course while producing the 1G variant knew that their device was lacking Bluetooth, a camera and Wi-Fi but they still ignored. No, they didn’t ignore it. It was all intentional. Every move, every version, every feature present or not was pre-planned. They eventually by using this strategy sold about 11 million devices. And what if they had released there 1G version with Wifi-, Bluetooth, Skype and a better screen in the first place? The product sales would not have gone above 6 million or even 7 million for that matter. The features that were added in the following generation seemed as an advancement in technology but it was a marketing strategy which companies like APPLE have mastered.

The reason is obvious. If they had released the product with the latest technology it would have fetched at most 7 million product sales which is in contrast to the strategy used is 4 million less!

Apple yesterday released the iPad with some inherent defects or shall I say shortcomings like no camera, iPhone OS rather than OS X and what not. The question which arises here is that why have they done so? They could have revolutionized the world of computers, changed the way we perceive technology and gadgets but they took the other way, the beaten track. Fanboys will of course buy the iPad and add to the sales.

According to what I’m hearing, even the 2G version of the iPad is under production and is not very far from the market which is fools of noobs like you and me.It will I’m sure fulfill most of the shortcoming of the iPad which was released yesterday. People will again buy the new iPad and give the message indirectly to the companies  that what the companies are doing is correct and works to every extend. I don’t have anything against APPLE and so to prove that, let’s consider another company, Sony. Sony released it’s PSP3000 around one and a half year back. The sales rocketed as people,, including me bought it in hope of a better screen, a new motherboard and an inbuilt microphone. And within a year, in less than a year to be precise they released their PSP GO. PSP3000 owners might not have bought it but owners of the original one or of the 2000 series bought it. Sony was still a little nice on us for releasing it after a year but other companies are not like that. But anyway, Sony did fool us to some extend.

Companies shell out technologies which they posses slowly, very slowly so that they can make the maximum profit and force us to buy their outdated products.

Why haven’t we seen The Perfect Gadget till date? Is not possible? To some extend yes, it is not. But to some extend it is. The 2G or 3G version of the iPad will I’m sure have a camera. If then (future), then why not now? Because if the current iPad had a camera in it and all that stuff people have been longing for then APPLE will not have anything to sell in the future and will only release a product every 2 years and just keep servicing products. That will be loss for the companies and a gain for us. But seeing companies sacrificing their profits for the good of the consumers is a Utopian thought process after all and I have every reason to fear that this will go on for ever and ever again

PS: This post is a little long but not the longest I have written. I skipped a few more instance and examples to make this post more readable and less ignorable.

The following opinions were of my own and have not been influenced by anybody and are not biased or even unbiased for that matter. If you don’t agree with my them or specifically with me, please let me know. 🙂

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  2. saare tod ke phaik dete hain phir apple ke owner ko peet paat ke mooh me iHome de dete hain……..and then full volume baby

  3. Hmm. Interesting post. Some very valid points. The middle part about a company releasing a product X was a bit confusing at first though.

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