Sometimes, an App comes to which you get hooked or rather it hooks you up. You can spend hours using it and not get bored. An app which fits all these criteria is Spawn Lite, an iPod touch/iPhone app. Lite because I haven’t jailbreak my iPod yet. Well I have jailbreak it but haven’t installed Cydia yet, so I can’t use pirated apps and therefore have to use free lite apps.

Spawn is like a Virtual firecracker games but with a difference.First,  have a look at these screenshots which I took.

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These fire or light rays are controlled by your hand movements. Keep a finger or a thumb on the screen and guide them! They bounce off the walls get deflected at various angles and comply with the Laws of Refraction at all times! Plus you can change their size, length and speed and the intensity and number of colors. Sometimes, these light rays even repel themselves like if two magnets facing same ends. Besides these the app doesn’t lag even a bit. The motion is very smooth and enjoyable. I can use this app for hours. The app even allows you to play your music in the background which is just an icing on the cake. Though some other apps like “Heat sensor” have tried to ape this app but have failed miserably at it. Either they are buggy or have lots of advertisements and even then not enjoyable. Spawn Lite created by EOD SOFT is one of the best iPod touch/ iPhone/iPad (I guess) I’ve seen till date. I would love to have a go at its full version.

But beware! You’ll drain your iPod or iPhone’s battery more quickly than ever. By the way, this app isn’t heavy on the battery it’s just you who’ll be draining that battery. I’m telling this from a personal experience

With Spawn Illuminati on your iPhone or iPod touch, you won’t even remember what boredom feels like. You’ll be pulling this app out whenever you’re standing in line at the bank or supermarket, when you’re on your lunch break or just plain feel like having a little fun. Spawn Illuminati is your newest guilty pleasure, but use it wisely… there’s a fine line between guilty pleasure and obsession!

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7 thoughts on “Spawn Lite

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  2. Hey,Nikolai. This is one of the best app i've ever seen. But,unfortunately,i don't have an iPod Touch or an iPhone. So,i'll have to wait till i get one. Till then,i don't suppose you could port this app for s60v5 phone,like the nokia 5800 for example?

  3. Hey thanks for the nice review. I'm glad you like the app. To avoid you having to jailbreak your itouch send me an email and I'll give you a promo code 🙂


  4. Dude,is there an application similar to this, but for Symbian60 Version 5 (S60v5) phones like the 5230,5800 or Samsung Omnia HD?

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