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To tell you the truth, I’ve never been a big fan of poetry. May it be Hindi or English, poetry has never drawn me towards it. Though I tried reading some poetry a year back but it just didn’t appeal to me. But there are a few which somehow I can read over and over again. Some of those include poetry by Ashok Chakradhar or Saurabh Chaundhary (some but not all) maybe because I know him. I like a few others too but there’s not a point mentioning them all but I would like to mention Vikram Seth’s From and the Nightingale here. It’s written in the simplest language possible but is yet appealing.

Some time back I was tagged in a note ‘Sorry’. I was in hurry at that time so ignored it. After two days I went back to the note and tired reading it knowing that it is a poem and will bore me to very core. But surprisingly quite the opposite happened and I reread it 4 times! It had something in it which made to relate to it or maybe because I know the person for whom it was written.

Written by a very close friend of mine, Savya Mittal, this poem forces me to post it on my Blog. I don’t know whether you will like it or not but just do me a favor, read it slowly and try to sense and understand the meaning of each and every word because each line is a story in itself. I incorporated some changes in the poem like changing ‘u’ to ‘you’ and ‘dere’  ‘there’ so as it make the read more enjoyable. I hope you’ll like it because I loved it 😀


Me not there in my diary
You have taken all the space
As I miss the difference between me and you
You take the place of me
Yes I am selfish
But what can I do
There is no self left behind
I think of you before me
Or rather I don’t think of me

You feel people don’t know you well
But what can they do
If you avoid dose men like you do it to me

I broke your trust,I broke your heart
I know how rude I was
The only thing I don’t know is
How to tell you about this all
The last thing I wanna tell is
U can skip me, you can omit me
But what will you do of you

I know you in, I know you out
I don’t know what this is
But one thing I know for sure is
I just wanna help

The reason being what I think is
Me the reason for this condition of yours
I live today as a part of you
The sadder part is me
But what can I do if this is only me

I want your help, I want your trust
I want it back, I want me back
I am left so empty

My guilt has punished me,my guilt has killed me
For losing on on you
I thought you were a crybaby and I thought u were insane
But as I see you and I think you
I remember what I did

I got me punished I got me killed
I have had it all
No matter
How much u try how much you cry
You can’t forget me
The last thing I just want from you is
Please forgive me for what I did……….

Savya Mittal

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