If you read my earlier post A gig out of 200MB you might know that I am (*was)  stuck with a 200mb plan. But there is some news! My plan just got activated (512kbps unlimited) but somehow they forgot to change the bandwidth and what I’m currently getting on a supposedly 512 kbps plan is

For once I can say, MTNL rocks!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I took a screenshot and will be taking a few more. I personally have only heard about this kind of speed on an unlimited connection but had never used it first hand, until today o Of course ;P

115 MB in 10 minutes!

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6 thoughts on “AWESOME!

  1. Lucky fellow! I have a shitty 256.
    I used to have airtel 512kbps…got excess bill so it was removed.
    then i switched to mtnl… got speed less than 1000 BITS(shit!). So removed it too.
    and now i have spectranet..this one is really good…

  2. and see me!! Those bastards are not ready to upgrade my unlimited plan to 512 kbps. Got in a row yesterday with an old 'babbu' and consequently my network connection didn't work till entire evening.

  3. I don't care! I downloaded stuff worth 18GB yesterday! App Store works so smoothly!
    Even if they *do* revert my plan back I'll be happy but the thing which is here to see is that for how much time do I get this speed.

  4. My dear friend, this is an OLD trick. Probably, in a few days you'll get a call asking if your internet is activated and working. And then, back to 512 KBps.
    BTW, I got 2Mbps speed in ninth class for seven months.

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