“I won’t use my computer for the whole of March, after all my I’ll be giving my Boards!” I told this to myself on 25th February when I was a hell lot tensed about SST. So, just to be on the safer (eh?) side I changed my Broadband plan from a 256kbps unlimited to a 2mbps data plan with a cap of 200mb (after all, I was not going to use the computer at all). I called them (considering MTNL, that’s quite a daunty task), requested them to change my Broadband plan to the 49 (200mb free) plan. It was 25th then, and they told me that the plan would only come in effect from 1st March. That was fine for me.

So, on 1st March I sat on the computer to check if they had actually changed the plan or not. As, expected, I dolted. My mind came up with a very good alibi for not calling MTNL customer support (eh?). Rather than trying to call them, waiting for 10 minutes on the line and then getting the call hung up by an idiot call center employee and then trying again and asking them if my plan had been changed or not, I started keeping an eye on the Bandwidth. The idea was simple, if the speed crosses either 256kbps or 32KBps it simply means that my plan has been changed and I am supposed to stop using the net from then onwards or at least try to.

Well, I used the internet for about an hour on 1st march as the speed was still the same. Then came 2nd, used the internet for about 1 hour on that day as the speed was again the same. Then came 3rd, used the net for an hour again as the speed was yet the same. In the evening on 3rd I noticed a speed increase which was nearly touching 2mbps. Finally my plan was changed. I looked at my history of usage on Bandwidth Monitor and it showed 160MB used in the first three days.

A thought came to my mind, will this usage be counted in this month ? If yes, then I’m screwed because out of I’ve already used about 160mb of the 200 I have.If not, then where will this 160 usage be adjusted?

Anyway, I called them again and asked them the same question but of course, expecting a satisfactory reply from them is like expecting my parents to buy me an Alienware laptop. Possible, but very, very unlikely. They just kept confusing me because one guy said that it would be counted in the earlier plan (unlimited) other said that it will be counted in the current plan (200mb cap) while the third guy just kept me on hold for 15 minutes and then finally hanged up. :/

Then I on my own assumed that the charges for subsequent MB’s used is Rs 0.50 per MB about which I got to know afterward that it is Rs 1 per MB and not what I had assumed. But the damage had already been done.

A little bit of Facebook, some sample papers from CBSE.nic.in, checking my blog and E-mail quickly resulted in about 400 MB usage and that is only till 15th of march.Needless to say, my aim of not using the computer went down the drain.

And as 31t March drew nearer my daily usage kept increasing as I was blissfully aware of the Rs 1 per MB and considered it 0.50 . On 23 March I called MTNL and requested them to change my plan to 512kbps (the 256 plan is now 512kbps) . Today is 1st and I’m still stuck with the 200mb plan. MTNL customer support is always busy and I’m here with 1100 MB out of 200mb cap used. :/ The bill which I will ( my parents, specifically) receive will be Rs 1300+ which means I’ll be dead before long.

I’m still calling MTNL and trying to get my plan changed, but all I’m getting are new deadlines from them. Maybe they love deadlines and particularly the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.


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    chandnee vyas :

    ohhk its ur boarin story buh.. don’t insult da employeee ur rytin da blog its not mindblowin. ryt somthn challenging ur self and bst of luck 4 da nxt 1 ………… ill b readin it

  2. ohhk its ur boarin story buh.. don't insult da employeee ur rytin da blog not mindblowin. ryt somthn challenging ur self and bst of luck 4 da nxt 1 ………… ill b readin it

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