The following post doesn’t matter much now as the problem has been resolved. The problem was either on Bing’s side or it was OpenOffice’s website at fault.The reason is still unknown. Though you can still go through the post.  It’s nice and you will definitely learn something.

Sometime back around November, there was this news about some hefty amounts of money being transferred by Microsoft’s Bing from legit customers and retailers to some not so legit users. And boy, Microsoft did something really sensible, sensible as in what they have been doing from the starting -screwing up. This flaw was know as Bing’s Cashback flaw. The sensible thing that I am talking about is really sensible. Microsoft threatened legal action against the man who discovered the problem. See? How sensible. Rather than coming out their closet, accepting their mistake and trying to close the loophole/glitch they try to sue the person who found out the problem in the first place!. But these are of course my notions. The source of my knowledge is the Internet and Companies and Country (ies) make sure that the users all over the world remain blissfully unaware of the bugs/ glitches/info due to which their privacy might have been compromised at some point of time or more importantly they might have lost all their hard earned money. The reason I bought this topic up is due to a new problem being faced by Bing which currently has a market share of about 10% in US and slightly lower in other countries. A 10% market share is not huge but still it is significant. More importantly because Bing is the default search engine on Internet Explorer and it takes more than a few steps to change it to Google or a search engine of your choice. The new problem concerns OpenOffice.Org. Go to Bing and try searching for the string “OpenOffice”. You will get almost everything except the official website of the multiplatform and multilingual office suite and an open-source project. Bing makes sure that you don’t find the link to the official website until the 5th or 6th page for that matter. The reason for the problem is still unknown to blissfully unaware netizens like us. An obvious explanation for this problem can be that Microsoft doesn’t want people to opt for the Open Source suite and rather want to sell their own. Another thing here can be a flaw in Bing’s algorithm which is forcing it to behave this way. The answer is of course best known to Microsoft itself and I hope that they do bring this topic up and not sue me for bringing it up 😉 And as some places on the Internet say, Is Microsoft trying to kill OpenOffice? But with a 10% market share, I doubt if that is even possible.

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3 thoughts on “The Bing Bang?

  1. Weird. I don't see that. Besides, part of the URL following a question mark are not subpages or redirects, but a way that sites themselves use to track where people are coming from. You'll see this in FeedBurner RSS links, for instance.

    TuxMachines.org post was updated saying that OpenOffice.org might have blocked Bing from crawling through it's site. Maybe this is all a mistake, either on OpenOffice or Bing's part.

    1. I don't think http://www.openoffice.org/?profyt_subsidiaries is actually the official download page. I don't have a problem with Wiki being the first but why profyt subsidiaries? Why not the homepage directly? I know it does redirect it. I know that doesn't matter much but still.

      And I'm not the only one who noticed this.
      http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/44143 http://www.katonda.com/blog/922/microsoft-bing-tr

      And till yesterday, even the subsidiaries was not in the search results. It just showed up some really odd results with no connection to OOo.

      But it also looks like they have rectified it. I'll have to double check though.

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