It all started on Friday,the 5th. The day I was fearing the most. In the beginning it looked far, very far. But then, coming quickly has  been a habit of time. And this day was no exception. For 2 weeks I sat on my bed day and night (*did* lie down for sleeping). Studying continuously. Though thinking about Code Wars, TCS IT Wiz and blogging more than ever. Somehow I finished the syllabus in time, though leaving a bit here and there and just went through some of the topics. Finally the day came.And I went to meet the Dragon itself (No,he is not the Dragon). The Dragon on that day was not in his full glory,so I pwned it. Came out feeling wonderful and totally stress free. In the morning I was just hoping to pass and in the afternoon I was getting 80+. It was the last time I had to face the Dragon and I did it.

All this while, I was talking about SST. It’s not that 10th standard’s SST is difficult but when you flunked all through the year, never touched a book it does tend to become a *little* difficult. But thankfully, I did well according to my standards in the paper.

I gave my Science exam yesterday. One of the most twisty paper I’ve seen till date. It forced your mind to think. Pretty challenging paper. But that’s not what students expected. Why should we expect the unexpected? We went there to give an exam not watch an Episode of Roadies with lots twists and turns!! Allegedly some teachers are saying that the Science paper of 2010 was a total rip-off from the 2006’s paper. But I can’t really complain because the questions were from the topics in the NCERT book only. But still, a totally unexpected kind of paper.

My next exam is on 31st,Science MCQ. So I have about 3 days to enjoy (I’ve already wasted spent the 1st day doing almost nothing). But alas, the 2 days left are not exactly for what I call enjoyment. I’ve enrolled myself for admission tests for FIITJEE, Vidya Mandir Classes, Brilliant tutorials and Narayana. So,I will have to prepare for them as I desperately want a discount. Not that my parents can’t afford their fees but because they (coaching) as I say are a bunch of goons who just ask for money.

School will re-open on 21st April for us :(. That’s not what me and my friends expected. Expected to get some more time to enjoy.

Now, coming to some real stuff. Blogging will be on an all time high (I hope). These are some of the posts that I plan to make in the forthcoming days.

1. Speed up your PC-For noobs

2. Speed up your PC-For Rookies

3. Speed up your PC-For Intermediates

4. Speed up your PC-For Geeks

5. Review: iPod touch 8GB3G

6. Review: PSP 3000

7. In the quizzing circle

8. The dolphin is sinking and it’s taking you down with itself

9. Chota Traktor

10. Of Digits and FastTracks

11. TCS IT Wiz 2010 in making

12. 3G on Dolphin

13. Free broadband upgrades!!

You know why I’ve written these down? So that I don’t waste my time doing absolutely nothing and put that time into doing something productive. I’ll keep updating this list if something else come to my mind. The reason I’m going to write the PC speed posts is because I want to give my blog a nice strong foundation. That post will not be ingenious nor will it get me much traffic but it will act as a strong foundation for my blog.

I am totally against reviewing a gadget unless you’ve used it for some considerable time. That is exactly where my reviews will be a little different from that of others. I will tell you about things that you observe only after some rigorous and continuous use. I hope that you will like those reviews.

Reviewing movies is something I doubt I will ever do. It’s simply because I can’t. The same is with books. I like to read a lot but reviewing one is not my piece of cake.

So keep your eyes open and subscribe to my feed now because you’ll get to see some really nice posts in the coming days.

PS: Please refrain from calling SST Social Science.It’s an insult to Science.

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3 thoughts on “The aftermath

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  2. Yes,the Dragon HAS been conquered. But there are several more to come.
    Science was in fact,pretty twisty,but i'm still expecting 57+/60
    About the posts in the future,my pc does not need more speeding up 😛
    i would like to see your views on the iPod touch and the PSP 3000 though.

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