Mafia Wars tips and tricks,bugs exposed,and lot more…

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Fine, I confess. Though I’ve stopped playing Mafia  Whores Wars. I still like it a lot. I used to play it all day, sacrificing on my gym, studies, friends and lots more. I wanted to stop but just simply couldn’t! So one fine day, I thought OK done finish, today I won’t play that game. It might lead to me not leveling up a few times, my properties being robbed, my money being taken away and my energy pack(you get 1 in 23 hours) wasted. So what?! Nobody cares. But that fine day, I played it. Leveled up a few times used my energy packs and did exactly what I was thinking of not doing Playing. I even dragged some of my friends like Aditya, Tejasvi,  Sahil , Vishrut and Avi. But they had the minds not to play it and stopped before they got addicted. I read this joke some time back and it depicts clearly how popular the game is.

Let “I” be Mark Pincus.

Yesterday I went to meet my eye doctor. When I sit down in his big scary eye checking room.
He said” Okay, whats wrong?”. “My eyes hurt Doc, I think it because I’m watching my computer monitor too long. Playing Mafia Wars.”
“Well”. He said “Let’s check it out”. Then after all finished up I said “What shall I do Doc?.
I can’t quit on MW” he replied “Okay, first you have to… ADD ME IN.” and He gave me the receipt.
I took it while said “How much Doc?”
“13 TNT, 25 Canonazo and 40 Guirella Squad will be enough.”

Many a fine days like that passed away and I kept on playing until that day when I realized that  my gym routine had messed up and I’ve not touched that SST book for weeks now. I have loads of pending work and boards are just round the corner. Finally on a very fine day I did not play it. After that, I got over my addiction. I don’t remember the date but time. The following were what you can call my stats

Level                                                     739

Energy                                                 3100

Stamina                                               1010

Attack                                                  450

Defense                                                450

Money Flow (Per hour)                 $ 850,000,000 per hour

Mafia: Almost 20,000                 (It’s huge! I’ll tell how I got it)

Health                                                   350

I have successfully vaulted each and every collection item that I could, including the lotto collection which is the hardest to get. I had two each of a piece while people had not seen even one!

Ok, now I’ll stop bragging and come to the point. I’ve seen people playing the game and wasting resources. This guy X got 5000 Reward Points in lottery. And you know what? He’s wasting them away!!

Now this post is for the newbies, who do play the game but don’t what’s happening inside the game. I’ll write about the bugs/glitches that I used to climb to the top. The tricks and simple application that I used. I’ll also be mention some of the Complex applications that I used while playing

Tips and tricks……

# Bookmarklets

As defined by Wikipedia” bookmarklet is an applet, a small computer application, stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page. The term is a portmanteau of the terms bookmark and applet. Whether bookmarklet utilities are stored as bookmarks or hyperlinks, they are designed to add one-click functionality to a browser or web page. When clicked, a bookmarklet performs some function, one of a wide variety such as a search query or data extraction. Usually the applet is a JavaScript program.”

So, how do you use them? It’s pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is close that Internet Explorer and get Firefox or Chrome. When you see a bookmarklet, just drag it to your “Bookmarks” bar. DO NOT click it. Once it is on the bookmarks bar, go to the desired page and click it. Something or the other depending on the bookmarklet will happen.

So where doe it come in use for Mafia Wars? If you are a good player you should know about them. You and some more here on Yevgen’s site.

If you did the site’s mentioned above, you will of course get confused, because there are so many bookmarklet’s there. I’ll tell you which one’s are important and which are not.

#Spockholm’s bookmarklet

AttackX: For new guys, I would recommend only “AttackX”. Go to the profile of a player whom you can easily beat. Attack them once. Now, press the AttackX bookmarklet once. Wait for a few second. Now this bookmarklet will use all your stamina on that player!! You don’t need to do anything, besides waiting. The script (bookmarklet) will heal you automatically once your health goes below 30 and start attacking again. It also shows you the average experience stamina ratio you got. Loots you found while fighting and money you gained while attacking and lost while healing yourself.

Switch: It switches between a user’s Facebook profile and Mafia Wars profile with just one click. One of the best bookmarklet’s out there. It is currently in beta, you.

#Yevgen’s bookmarklets

ExpEnergy: It shows the ratio of the energy you have at that time and the amount of experience you need to level up. If the ratio is somewhere around 2.00 you can easily level up. If it above that, you might have some problems leveling up, as in you might fall short of a little experience. The bookmarklet also shows the ratio of energy and experience of each and every job. This is the best and most useful bookmarklet I’ve ever used.

# Greasemonkey

We love Firefox, don’t we? One the reasons is Greasemonkey. Head over to

Facebook Mafia Wars Auto Helper: Checks for job helping on your Homepage.

Mafia Wars autoplayer (rebirth): This is a bot. Pure bot. It will play for you while you are sleeping, bathing, watching TV and literally doing anything. It will manage everything. You don’t have to do anything. I personally didn’t use this. Why use this if you don’t want to play? Play yourself, don’t use bots. But of course, it’s entirely your choice. If you want to show off to your friend who brags that he is at level 100.

And loads more: I cannot review all of them, there are hundreds out there, click. Tip: Read the reviews before installing anything

# Bugs/glitches I used to get to the top

First Rule about cheat or bug, “Never Share it with other, except to someone who you believe on”

Second Rule about cheat or bug, “Never Share It in the Internet” Do you think Zynga Official Staff will not search for someone who writing about bugs or cheat and fix it as soon as possible?

Consumable Collecting Bug: You could get as many numbers of illegal transaction record, untraceable cell phones, bulletproof jackets, blackmail photos, poker chips and lots more.PS:I used this bug Extensively and gained 50K of each of the items possible. Zynga took a lot of time in fixing this bug, which led to me even distributing and trading for these items mentioned above. These items are the items required by every player in the first 150 levels.

Earn Help Job: It’s a well-known bug. You can ask for help on jobs as many as your tab opens in your browser, but considering about your computer, some my friends have got their browser crash and can’t do that job. I got loads of

Bug Remastering Job: You know that we will get 1 skill point every mastering a job. So remastering street thug job will make you have many skill point. See the tab of TOP MAFIA FAMILY, watch by Most Job, look at them, low-level with Most Job? .I personally couldn’t use it because it came out before I started playing.

Bug Godfather Point Link: You know that sometimes Zynga Officially share a link that when you click it, you will get 1-5 GF Point, the bug is you can generate as much as you want. I personally couldn’t use it because Zynga fixed it pretty quickly.

Bug Money Loundry: You can buy Cuba Item with US$ and sell it with CS$, it solve for money in Cuba. Status: HAS BEEN FIXED.

Stamina Attack: You can attack other mafia with zero stamina. I leveled up 40 times using this bug!

Declare Wars Bug, You can eliminate all your enemy Top Mafia… It’s simple, Right Click at the attack link, and open it in new tab. I

Declare Wars Bug 2: I had to work hard for it to work. A lot of fiddling with the links finally resulted in the exposure of this bug, which I didn’t tell anyone until they gave me something in return .What happens is that you don’t participate in your own war. Wait it gets finished, use the link I made and you get 3 experience every second without doing anything. You just need to reload the page. For reloading I used a simple script. And used it in 10 different tabs. Getting 30 experience every 3 seconds!.

Add Family Bug… This bug mafia use for adding family without having to be a friend first, so the family can add very quickly…  This bug can also be used for avoiding bullies, avoiding robber that always rob you, for example, there are enemies who’ve always bully you, use the Magic Link, and when he/she attack you, “”You can not fight a member of your own family.”I added 12K mafia members through this.

Lottery Stamina Bug: Go to the lottery menu, cash in your lottery for 5 stamina points and in place of 5 stamina points you GET A full REFILL! I used it only 3 or 4 times.

Each of the above bugs has been fixed. There were some more bugs which I used but they are not important enough to write about so I’m skipping them.

If in doubt or liked the post please comment. There are loads of tricks which have not even mentioned about. They will only come out through popular demands from my readers.

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  1. that's a really nice post.sadly these tricks don't work anymore ofcourse but many still do.Thanks for posting this.It really helped me.
    post more if possible.

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  4. pulkit i am not wasting them away(5000 pts)

    i just said that not spending 9 pts for the treasure chest key is like misery

    i still have more than 4600 pts even after 2.5 wks after winning

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