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I wrote my last post first post last year. Don’t be surprised, it was on November 27 2009. Today is 15 January 2009 2010, sorry, I do that mistake every year, the only difference is (from now on, is will change for forever to are because now we have 2 numbers to be careful of) that I did this mistake on purpose…

The reason I was not able to blog for nearly Two and a half months were namely by Pre-Boards Boreds and the reason due to which I won’t be able to blog for another Two and a half months will be my boards. I’ll of course try and squeeze out some time from my studies and write posts.

You might be wondering, why am I blogging today (If not, then please wonder that and read the last line again), don’t I have to study?.Ahhh..No, today I do not have to study. Today I gave my last Pre- (No, I’ll not repeat that joke again) Board. I still have to give my Practicals though.

Now, I’ll not dwell into my life at this point in time. I’d like to tell something about myself to you.

I am Pulkit Kaushik. As of 15 January 2010(didn’t do it this time) I am 16 years old.

My interests are Reading books, fiddling with my PC (I’ve done stuff with my PC you can’t even imagine, not because it’s ingenious but because it is plain weird. Happy Vivek? ) , keeping it clutter free, working out and loads more which I will write about in due time.

From the beginning, I’ve been attracted towards computers. I got my first computer when I was in 7th standard that is 3 years back. But my fetish and passion for computers had been residing in me since childhood. I used to got to my Mummy’s Office, Dad’s office, Bhua’s Office,<insert relative of choice>’s Office and sit their on a computer all day, just fiddling  with it, and cry when it would be lunch time(had to leave computer at lunch time) or when it would be time to go home..If I somehow got to know of a place where I could sit all day on a computer without any charges (I’ve never been to a cybercafé) and disturbance would do anything to go their..An internet connection was not a necessity for me. What I wanted was a computer, always. It’s been 3 years I’ve had this computer and only in June last year did I get an Internet connection.

Let’s have a look at my computer. I bought it on _____ (ahh.. I don’t remember the date, sad ain’t it? It is an assembled PC, assembled, configured and bought entirely by me (Dad paid for it of course, Duh!).

Motherboard                   Intel® Desktop Board D102GGC2

Processor                         Dual core processor 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium D                                              (I bought this because it has a good                                                            potential for over-clocking).

Graphics Card                NVIDIA GeForce 6200 GPU (I bought a                                                          really basic one, just to relieve my processor                                                and RAM from some basic video load)

Memory                          512 MB Kingston DDR 667 MHz

Hard Disk                         80 GB Seagate 7200 RPM

Monitor                            Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 15VX                                                        (Please don’t ask the size)

Done with my PC.  I’d like to tell that I’m a gadget freak. I currently own a Sony PSP, Nokia N70, an iPod Touch 8GB 3G, a Kodak Easy Share Z812IS (8.1 MP, gives one the best image results, in it’s price range). I buy gadgets only after proper researching and checking out various products available and comparing prices. I’ll post detailed review about each of my gadgets, in detail when I get some more time. Till then, bye guys! This post has been shorter than I had anticipated it to be before writing. I’ll try to write longer posts from now on. 😀

P.S: I do not intend to show off, if such a creepy thought entered your mind, then please burn it right now..(considering my PC, I have nothing to show off :P)

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10 thoughts on “The post which should have been the first….

  1. @Vaibhav – I suggest WordPress, because it offers more customizability, and leaves the option for moving away from free hosting to paid hosting and custom domain relatively painless.
    @Pulkit – This line gives me the heebie-jeebies – "I’ve done stuff with my PC you can’t even imagine.." And maybe your punctuation could just be a little better…

    1. Hmmm..Anybody would write this line when they have used PC without a cabinet,a CRT TV screen in place of a monitor,the motherboard balancing on top of a set-top box.My mom shouts at me all the time,because now I have a proper cabinet but I still don't use it.
      And can you please,point out punctuation mistakes?I'd really be thankful.

  2. heyy puli
    wtf vaibhav is saying regularly???????
    oh mayne
    wat a idiot//////////
    so r u preparing for boardzzzz or not???????///
    wanna break ranu's record??????????////

  3. Hey, pulkit!
    i regulary read ur sure ur happythat youve got like…..270 hits.
    congrats!i remember the last time we met in school , we checked ur blog and it had 8 hits.
    im planning to start my own blog about game reviews, should i make it on blogger or wordpress ?
    i'll tell u when i make it!

    1. Regularly? I have written only 2 posts! 😛
      My blog never had 8 hits… in the first day it got about 65 hits.

      Coming to your question…I'd recommend WordPress for sure.Wordpress is way better than Blogger.

  4. do u know 1 thing u r gud at this
    ur jus' born 2 write blog's
    even aamir khan big b are not so good in writing blogs
    hats off 2 u buddy////////////////////

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