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This is apparently my first EVER blog post.

I’ll write my first post about the thing which I like most, quizzing and going to quizzes. This is about CODE.

CODE 2009 was held at APEEJAY PUBLIC SCHOOL, Noidea on 26/11 (the same day the Mumbai attack happened and the same day our principal sir expired) anyway I must not get carried away.

I was not sure if I would be able to go to this particular event because according to my parents (particularly my mom) my Pre-Boards are approaching and I have to study. When there’s a will, there’s a way, so I somehow convinced that this will not affect my studies. And I don’t know how, but she said yes. ! But I had promised her that I will study, so I had to study, so I did not prepare for the quiz ,so I was not really confident, so I was nervous. There were so many so’s, that I feel like writing so again, so.

Anyway, the day before the quiz, I somehow accomplished the feat of finishing the 3 chapters of mathematics that I had to do. So (again!) I got time to prepare! That relieved some of my nervousness.

Studied a bit and then slept. Woke up in the morning, unplugged my PSP and MOBILE as they were on charging all night long. (I have batteryphobia)

I’ll fast forward a bit. Got ready, miraculously didn’t miss my bus this time. Chatted with Kanika till I reached school. Went to my class. Collected some Best of luck, and went to the I-Lab.

Now back to normal pace, (remember I was fast forwarding?).Aditya was with me. The I-Lab was closed so rather than waiting I went to 12-I to meet Karun. Didn’t find him but found Siddharth and Anirudh   there. Had a quick conversation and asked them to come downstairs to the I-Lab. Jitendra sir had not yet arrived, but someone had opened the I-Lab anyway. Vishal and Shashank came in and told me that we had not yet gotten the CODE participants list autographed from the Vice-Principal as everybody was absent the day before. Till then Sid and Anirudh hadn’t bothered to come down, so I went to call them. Saw Sid coming down. He didn’t have any idea about the list. Anyway, we got the list autographed somehow.

We were almost ready to leave when we remembered that juniors who were going for PPT were yet to arrive. I went to call them. And learnt a lesson there:

Never ever enter a class full of small children, when there is no teacher inside.

  • Had to shout scream out the names of the juniors while trying to shoo away 3 kids trying to push me out of their class.
  • Did a mistake by going to the last bench of the class to talk to the 2 juniors as I had no idea how difficult it would be walk that 4 meters back to the door.
  • The 2 refused to move and told me that they are not going for any event anywhere. Told me that some other children are going whom they refused to name.

After minutes feeling like hours of trying to convince them to tell me the names I had to drag them out of the class. And miraculously after coming out of the bounds of the class they told me everything like a parrot and even took me to the particular classes of the other 2 juniors. I thanked them and got hold of the Juniors and went back to the I-Lab with them.

Bani ma’am wished best of luck in her tone and asked us to GET OUT politely. Went to the bus, the back seat was awesome (the driver had done some modifications) and sat down. Took out some notes and started going through them. The WEB-D guys (Sid and Vaibhav) had thought that they would have to work on CSS while the truth was that they had to CODE at CODE.THEY HAD TO USE HTML. Apparently they just knew the basics and some advanced stuff. But they are awesome anyway. Sid and Romil went to the library and got a huge book of HTML. They were taking a lot of time therefore I had to run to the LIB to call them. And run back to the bus as we were a bit late.

It took I don’t how much time to reach Noidea. Got down the bus and headed for the reception. We were escorted to the registration desk by about 8 girls!:D I don’t know of any emoticons except : P and : D

Sat down in the Audi and listened to the speech by the Principal. Then saw a play based on the script of a group discussion. It spoiled the entire mood. According to Vishal

ladkiyon ka naach hi dekha dete to acha rehta.

Had to stop myself and others from laughing and falling of their seats Anyway, found Mihir Paul at the reception desk and roamed around a bit with him. Found Pritesh too.

Had to proceed for the quiz prelims. I was with Anirudh. Got their and sat down.

Saw the paper and smiled laughed. from the first look at the paper I knew that I was sure about 11 and Anirudh might know some which I didn’t knew. But, no I’ll tell the reactions after reading the questions.

What is the original URL of

Anirudh had no idea. I told him to write as I was not sure about the akebono part of the answer

What is the fastest supercomputer in India

One look and I knew the answer was Eka. Anirudh didn’t know.

It was like this till the end. We missed 9 questions, 6 of them acronyms like POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface [for Unix]) and EIDE (Enhanced Integrated Development Program.

Anirudh was getting bored sitting there and wanted to leave while I wanted to sit and try to crack the questions which we missed. After being warned several times by the invigilator not discuss loudly he kept shouting the answers. Done with prelim we asked for the answers and our marks. We had got 11. BAD very bad. DPS RKPee got 17!!!!!.Anyway we were pretty sure that we would qualify.

Ok fast forward to quiz finals. Got on stage. The first question appeared and the team couldn’t answer. IT WAS A SITTER.

GOOGLE announced this service on first April 2004 but people thought it to be a hoax. Name the service.

I oohed and aah-ed, so the quiz master came to me and asked me the answer quietly. I told him the answer quietly in his ear.

One of the teams gave the answer and I got a 5-Star!

The quiz continued and our turn came

OBVIOUS CORPS owns which social networking site?

sitter I must say. TWITTER!

and the quiz moved and got no more correct answers or 5-stars.Anirudh was blank. And was even stopping me from answering! Told me that the answer is embarrassing so don’t answer! I didn’t listen and still answered or tried very one. Got very close to getting points but luck was not there. At one point of time Anirudh knew one answer and said it too, but didn’t argue with the quiz master as it would have been EMBARRASSING!
3 ROUNDS come to an end and we come fourth.DPS Mathura Road came first, RKP second and Noidea 3rd. Congrats Mihir!

Got down from the stage and asked the quiz master if I could have the copy of the questions, but he could give me only the AV round’s copy.

Learnt that we came first in GD. Congrats Romil! and first in PPT! congrats juniors!

anyway! Our school emerged as the 1st runners-up for the overall trophy.

Nice experience I must say and sorry Anirudh if I hurt you.

The ending of the post sucked because the PC was on backup at the moment so the most I had was 20 min and I wanted to finish it.

I have compiled the prelim questions and answer, you can download them from here .

if the above link doesn’t work, use this

Please feel free to comment and please tell me if you found any mistakes in the post.

Download the prelims paper or alternatively, from download from here.

32 thoughts on “My first blog post will not be about my first blog post

  1. its really well written for a first time Pulkit!
    i loved the batteryphobia part. and ofcourse this "We were escorted to the registration desk by about 8 girls!" simply mindblowing :P:P:P

  2. Protip: Never. Use. CAPITAL LETTERS. Looks retarded. However, a very good first blog post. Lots of humour, and extremely well written.
    And, you stole my theme!

  3. It's well-written! And I like the humour in it!!
    I just found the "escorted by 8 girls" part weird, well..obviously..
    And anyway, WHAT was the answer for the question about Google?!
    And writing a blog is something I always wanted to do, so I really admire your doing it!!

  4. well written…but mayb u went in to too much details at some places…
    viase i rely hop we cud c sum ' laundiya naach' next tym!! 😛

  5. HAHAAHAHA!! Nice.. i share your sentiments on entering the junior sections.. it sucks man!! as for the most of it, CONGRATS!! 4th isn't too bad.. agle saal jeet lena.. Nice work.. Great for a first blog entry!! CONGRATS, again.. 🙂

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