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The Perfect Itinerary for Leh-Ladakh

Graduates in the field of tourism intern with travel agencies where they strive to learn the well protected art of making itineraries. The job sounds easy enough and I can already see you going “Any average IQ person can come up with the perfect itinerary for Ladakh. All you need is a map and some basic knowledge of the places enroute.” You couldn’t be more wrong. People have been heading to Ladakh on their bikes for more than a decade now. Yet when I started searching for itineraries all Google came up with was DevilOnWheels’s itinerary. Back then, It seemed a satisfactory... Read More

Pre Delivery Inspection Guide for your Royal Enfield

Before I take you through the must-dos, can-dos do, and do-not-dos, it is essential to ascertain why a pre delivery inspection check is crucial. Your dealer offers you a seat, talks to you about the specifications, offers you an already paid for coke which you (hence) willingly accept, tells you that EFI issues have been hyped like abilities of Narendra Modi, takes you through the availability of that model with a heavy crank, makes it a point not to mention the terribly incompetent dials of Thunderbird- all with one agenda in mind; to make a sale. Our lack of knowledge of child anatomy... Read More

Palpable Poems- Love and Libido

Anything I would say before you read this poem could later be perceived as a spoiler. Unlike my other poems wherein I provided an introduction of sorts, I’ll beg your leave and submit it for your kind perusal without further ado.   Love and Libido Stealing glances Getting caught Hands brushing Apologies in order Sweet smells Libido on fire Drawing close Kissing with eyes Accidental touches Always intentional Fingers entwined Stares escaping Goosebumps all over Oxytocin or love Body against wall Distances decreasing No glancing No stares escaping No apologies Intentional... Read More

Palpable Poems- Sapiosexual

At times I regret being a sapiosexual. When I see my friends being able to pursue any girl with a pair of legs, I find myself with no patience in trying to drive myself with a girl having limited knowledge, no resemblance of awareness and a lack of common sense. Add to that a self-restricted vantage point and the inability to open up her mind to new ideas coupled with total absence of any signs of an appreciable sense of humor. After relying on a friend’s suggestion on how one should look for sweetness, and not cleverness, I learnt I would rather spend my time being witty with... Read More

Palpable Poems – In Popular Interest

I’ve never needed a clock. Cognizance of time comes naturally to me. Though I must rather shamefully accept my body clock goes haywire while writing an exam. That Saturday morning the clock had struck 8 and I had no exam. I may have been deprived of coffee but that was only because I was high on someone’s poetry. With no identifiable source(s) of inspiration, I spent close to two hours on this piece. The longest I’ve spent on a poem.     The poem is about a lawyer and takes care of the rest of the details.   In Popular Interest   With entwined... Read More

Coming Out Of The Closet

Not, gay. Just saying. But read on if sexual-orientation kindred articles are not the only kind you prefer. This blog helped me grow out of the cynicism in life, and it is matter of extreme shame and chagrin that I failed to maintain it. This blog is a living parasite now, with 200 odd readers a day to whom I cater outdated information and no inside scoop to my present life. All that is about to change. For a long time I’ve hidden my innate interests from the people around me for a couple of reasons a) It takes time for me to settle for something, to realise whether it is a mere... Read More

Kindling The Love For Reading

If you know me even a bit, you know that among other things I love doubtlessly, reading is one. Owing to a mother who’s a librarian in the Lol Lok Sabha, I’ve been fed books since I was a kid, and couldn’t be more indebted to her for inculcating such an ameliorating habit in me. Somewhere between reading a book before calling it day and sometimes going to school sleep deprived by the cause of not calling it a day the night before, I developed a habit of reading on the computer. I would lower the brightness of the fatass CRT monitor while hearing my dad go all ballistic on my mom... Read More

A Semester At HNLU Raipur

This is not a review of HNLU Raipur. I feel I am no one yet to write that. I need maybe a semester more to understand the place enough to write something of that sort and even then a day more there would provide me something to add. This is my experience of HNLU Raipur. A place which, if didn’t open my eyes, did tell me that closing them is not an option. My journey to HNLU Raipur hasn’t been easy. Atleast not so easy that I can stop myself from writing a paragraph, if not more, about it. The year before HNLU was spent half in IP University’s main campus pursuing law and... Read More

CLAT 2013 – From The Vantage Point Of A Serious Aspirant

This post is not for the uninitiated. Unless you are aware of what CLAT is, and what it means in the small little world of wannabe lawyers, feel free pass the post and delve into the archives of the blog. If you still decide to soldier on, it might seem like a rambling to you, partly because you are not acquainted with the facts and the situation, but mostly because what ensues is infact rambling, similar to what I did after CLAT 2012. I won’t start about myself here, not in this post. I have decided to save that for a post-result post. For I understand what I might say now might... Read More

Social Media: Why it Matters For Your Business

It’s not news that social media has taken the online marketing world by storm. It’s become one of the most sought after mediums to reach out to your target audience and grow your business “socially”. If your business isn’t leveraging social media, then you’re leaving some serious money on the table. However, since this medium is still in its growing stage, all’s not lost. You can still take some serious advantage of it and promote your products/service in a cost effective manner. Here are a few advantages of social media when it comes to using it for business:  #1: Spread... Read More